Top RV Products We Can’t Live Without

So in preparation for our new Travel Trailer it’s got me thinking about all the things we’ve purchased over the years to make our RV a home. Practical items and otherwise. See below for a list of my must haves…

#1 – X Chock Wheel Stabilizer

These guys make ALL the difference. You can have the happiest of kiddos bouncing all around and not even know they’re there!


#2 – Camco TastePURE Inline Water Filter

We always travel with a water filter. We’ve tried a few brands but these are cheap and easy to find.


#3 – Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1

These little guys rock! I can’t imagine RVing without one. First of all when you RV you almost always have electricity, if you’re one of those RVers, so it’s a big savings on propane. It doesn’t take up much space. You can easily cook several servings at one time. And if you watch prices you’re bound to get a great deal!


#4 – Large Serving Tray

I know it might seem a little gimmicky, but this tray is 6 going on 7 years old and I use it ALL of the time. Whether I’m serving kiddos in the tent, or setting up for our BBQ by the campfire, this thing gets serious use! Just make sure you purchase something large enough to hold the s’more fixings too!


#5 – iJoy Matte Finish Wireless Headphones

I think this one is pretty self explanatory but if you haven’t lived in an RV with kids yet you may not know just how loud it can get. You’ll be so glad you picked up a pair of these for everyone in the family. Whether you’re listening to music, a book, trying to get some school work done, or yes, even those darn video games etc… these are a huge part of living in a small space.


#6 – Oxy-Kem RV Toilet Treatment Tabs

Obviously the handling of your tanks is a pretty big deal. But a crucial part of the process is using the right chemicals. We’ve had more than our fair share of black tank woes. Now we rely on these tabs to help keep things moving.


#7 – Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

Another great way to avoid using propane. Fast cooking without a lost of hassle. Especially when you have kiddos who eat around the clock!


#8 – Nutri Ninja Pro 900W

Such an easy way to shove fruits and veggies in the kiddos without complaints. And for us summers in Alaska mean crazy high prices on fresh fruit and some veggies so this just works out perfectly for amazing smoothies.


#9 – Three Chamber Shower Dispenser

I could do a whole section on organizing your RV. And I probably will. But for now I’ll just share this nifty little dispenser. We can all agree that RV showers are small! Period! So anything you can do to cut down on the clutter makes an exponential impact!


#10 – Command Water Resistant Strips

So I know you all know about Command Strips. But these water resistant strips are incredible. Way worth the extra cost!

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