Top Travel Resources We Can’t Live Without

Whether your Rving and want to take a mini-vacation away from the rig, yes believe it or not RVers do vacation, at least we do, or you are like us and need to get to and from your rig via air travel, these travel websites help make the planning and budgeting process way easier. From airfare to RV Parks these travel tools will help keep you on budget and enjoy the planning shenanigans!


#1 – Scott’s Cheap Flights

I just recently got into Scott’s Cheap Flights. Their deals go straight to your inbox so there’s virtually no work on your end. Just sit back and get inspired.


#2 – Google Flights

Google Flights is a great way to get started with a flight search. Whether you already have a destination in mind or a hub airport you’d like to fly out of, the Explore option is a fun and easy way to get great deals on flights and narrow down destinations and time frame.


#3 – Nomadic Matt

By far one of my favorite bloggers and travel websites is Nomadic Matt. He has amazing guides on his site and tons of free first hand information. He is truly inspirational.


#4 – Skyscanner

Skyscanner is an amazing website for cheap flights. I love the different filters it offers for time frame and destination.


#5 – RV Park Reviews

It’s rare that we stay at an RV park without consulting RV Park Reviews first. The website is easy to use and they have a ton of parks listed. It’s an easy way to find the RV park the suits your families needs.


#6 – My Scenic Drives

My Scenic Drives is my favorite trip maker ever. I know it may look a little old school but it’s so reliable. Just about every road trip we’ve planned has been routed with this trip maker. Even to and from Alaska!


#7 – RPI

I know there are a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to camping clubs but we have been so pleased with Resort Parks International. The main thing that you must understand though is that these programs are not designed for the casual user, at least in my opinion. To really get the best bang for your buck you must first purchase the membership via Campground Membership Outlet and use your benefits more than just the standard 2 weeks out of the year. The most important takeaway with campground clubs is to have a firm grasp on usage rules. Once you get it down you can really rack up the savings!


#8 – Lonely Planet Guidebooks

We all have our favorites for sure. When we first started researching for our trip to Central America I hit the library and checked out every guidebook they had. I scoured each book one by one for weeks until I decided on this series. The information is concise and easy to find. Some of the other guides felt like they were trying to cram too much into one book and it made searching for specific topics a little daunting. This series also seems like a favorite among hostel goers. Almost every group we came across had an identical version. Kinda fun to be sitting in your hammock and all you can see is Lonely Planet across the deck!


#9 –

I know it’s not anything too unique but I always seem to find the best deals on Plus they have great coupons, a chance to earn free nights, and typically a very flexible cancellation policy.


#10 – Vacations To Go

Probably one of the funnest websites to dream on is Vacations To Go. It is the largest discount cruise ship network. You can dream of your life on board a ship for a true 180 days around the world experience. Or you can just book a cheap little 5 nighter down to the Bahamas to get a little break for your rig! And the kiddos can indulge in some all you can eat ice cream!

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