Is everyone in Alaska?


We came to Alaska in 2014 for our little camp host gig and sure enough it became a foundation for our new RV life. Lately I’ve been trying to spruce up the blog and immerse myself in the travel blogger community. What I have found is that there are an extraordinary number of people who are in Alaska, like right now! Ha! It’s really all about perspective. Before we made the long trek up here, as with anything you embark upon for the first time, there’s this sense of mystery and excitement and Alaska was no exception. I remember growing up thinking it was something only old, rich people in an RV would ever accomplish. A typical bucket list item. That’s certainly not what we found once we got up here though. And every summer comes a new wave of explorers. It’s funny that the road to Alaska still has to be “debunked”. I do remember though how magical Alaska felt when we first came up here, how surprised we were at the lack of remoteness and just how far away we felt from the rest of the world! But now to us it’s just a place to park it for the summer. As average as any other city “outside”.

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