Top 10 Disney Planning Resources

Click on the images below for some great deals and information. As I get the Disney Page going please feel free to contact me with any questions.


#1 – Disney Official Site

You can’t plan a trip to Disney without checking out their official site. Of course there are tons of private sites that offer great information, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Be sure to download your free vacation planning videos by following the link. No matter how many times you do Disney these are always a great way to get into the spirit. FREE Disney Planning Videos! *You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one, but who doesn’t want a little magic in their inbox every now and again!


#2 – Touring Plans

Touring Plans not only has tons of information but their specialty is park crowds. I have to admit that we have never truly stuck out one of their touring plans, I guess I’m just too much of a free spirit, one of the benefits of doing Disney weeks at a time, but I LOVE all the data. And we do tend to pick our dates using their crowd calendars. If you love spreadsheets, like me, you will love transforming their info into your own magical spreadsheet. And if you’re not into doing any more work than you have to they’ve got it all figured out for you, just point, click, and print!


#3 –

A great website for all things Disney!


#4 – DIS Boards

Lots of information on all things Disney but my favorite part of this site are the forums. You can find answers to almost every question imaginable.


#5 – Undercover Tourist

Most trusted site for discount tickets!


#6 – Mickey Visit

I love to read through Gavin’s site. We have done Disney on both coasts too many times to count, but I always find something new on his site.


#7 – Mouse For Less

Again a great site for all things Disney. There are so many sites out there to choose from. For me it all comes down to ease of use. Mouse For Less has a great layout with awesome information.


#8 – Sorcerer Radio

Anyone who knows me understands, or at least tolerates, my addiction to Disney Music! Sorcerer Radio is a must in the background when researching a Disney Trip.


#9 – Disney Sing-A-Long DVD’s


So these may date me a bit. But you won’t be disappointed. When the kiddos were super-duper young we would put these on while we gathered up all the “things” and packed up the car. Even now at 13 and 12 they still humor me and watch these videos in preparation for our trip! Whatever the season there’s a Disney SingAlong that sets the perfect mood. I suppose with all the you tube stuff out there these may be a thing of the past. But to us that’s exactly what Disney is for, to take you to a world where today doesn’t exist!


#10 – Disney Reads


I love reading about Walt Disney. He was an amazing man and I am wowed every time I experience what he created. These are a few of my favorite reads to get ready for a big trip!

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