The Great Alaskan Summer is quickly fading…

Summer in Alaska is unofficially coming to an end. Sure the calendar still has a few weeks to go but there’s a nip in the air that tells you winter isn’t far. Not only has the weather turned but a sense of urgency seemed to hit both hubby and me at the same time. Every summer there’s a moment where we both take a breath and realize that it’s just about time to head out for the winter.

So yesterday, along with our morning coffee routine, we grabbed a notebook and a fancy pen and started making some lists. I know, I know, you guys are thinking, “but I thought she loved spreadsheets,” and that’s true, I do, but when I’m in panic mode there’s nothing more comforting than a hard paper list. And per usual, once we got all “the things” down on paper, it all seemed a little more manageable.

At least in my world.

But for Hubby, well, he’s a lot more of a “doer” than I am, so off he went so we could actually start checking some shit off. I really love him for that! Meanwhile, the kiddos and I updated our online school websites, made a list of our upcoming curriculum, and talked about their future responsibilities.

One of the awesome things that this lifestyle forces us to do is to continually evaluate. I often wonder how people get through life without regularly assessing the rest of their days.

I feel like I just talked about this, but as you can tell it’s pretty freaking vital. It’s so easy to get comfortable and ride it out, but the next thing you know you’re coming up on a decade later and you’re not quite sure where it all went. I can honestly and proudly say I can not relate.

“Where has the time gone?”

“They grow up so fast.”

“It feels like yesterday.”

It actually doesn’t. These common phrases just don’t have time to apply when you live life in seasons.

We have seriously figured out how to stop time. And I would say that most travelers feel the same way. Our longest stretches of time come entirely from continuous travel, and I love the feeling that it brings me. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re getting the most out of their 100 years?

Anyways…We’ll continue to check off the list and slowly fine-tune the logistics. You just gotta take it one thing at a time, and it always comes together.

And……..I totally forgot to mention. We finally have a renter for the big house!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!

I can not convey how much stress this relieves. I mean the whole winter planning thing really got put on the back burner. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. The loft, the rentals, I really thought I had made all the wrong decisions and just kinda sucked at life. It’s amazing how quickly your emotional state can sway from one extreme to another, or maybe that’s just me 🙂

In any case, we are quite happy to be back on track. And now that life’s a little less overwhelming it makes the planning all the more fun and a little easier to comprehend. I often feel guilty about being stressed out over what I call our “first world problems,” but then I remind myself it’s all relative. You should never be ashamed of your accomplishments, but I do believe it is absolutely necessary to express gratitude. I’m a big believer in showing the universe that you’re worthy of your dreams, it definitely doesn’t hurt to suffer just a little, it actually tends to build some character, and when those goals do come to fruition embrace it graciously and just keep moving and shaking to make the world a little more awesome!








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