3 Weeks to go…

Oh man, I am soooooo ready to get outta here!


The kiddos were so cool and made us a loop countdown as a surprise! I’m so happy to see it’s so short!

Our daily rounds have been easy. Not too many campers around. Although the weather has been AMAZING! We don’t get long stretches of sun up here, but we haven’t had a drop of precipitation or clouds in weeks!

Most of the peaks are never visible! It’s crazy to think that most visitors never get a chance to see these! In between cleaning toilets and collecting fees we always make sure to take a moment to realize just how lucky we are to spend our summers in such a beautiful place. It’s easy to take nature for granted, and our jobs for that matter. I’m a big believer in taking a moment to just breathe it all in and make sure the universe knows just how grateful you are for all the “things.”

Yesterday brought gloom and rain, which honestly I’m quite happy with! The mornings are brisk, and it seems that the leaves are completely taking over the park, we’re not much for blowing in the fall, we save it all for the new season. We begin the shutdown process this week. Then finally all the gates get locked up on the 1st. It’s a little different for us this year, which I probably say that every year, but this is the first year we didn’t move into the big house for winter, and we’ve stayed at the campgrounds for the entire season. And no winter in Alaska is seriously a dream come true! The logistics of getting to this point have been tough at times, but we’re mostly there, just a few minor details to sort through, and we’ll be all set.

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