2 Weeks to go!!! Whoo hoo!!!

That’s right folks, less than 2 weeks and its wheels up! And it can’t come soon enough. We are all so ready to start this next adventure, and with every day that passes, it gets a little harder to wait it out. For that reason, I like to prepare for the trip on a daily basis. The past few days have been a full-blown evaluation of the kid’s room and ALL THE BOOKS. Oh man, you know I hate stuff, but books are my downfall. Surprisingly both of the kiddos have been really great about letting go of some of their less used things, so that’s been super helpful.

Today we were able to get into the loft and pull out all the bags that I packed for the Winter RV. Now understand that I packed these bags sometime in February, right before we moved out of the big house and into the loft. So as you can imagine I was pretty excited to see what I deemed necessary to take south.

Quite honestly we did a hell of a job! After all the crap was sorted through and repacked, we only wound up with a small grocery sack of…wait for it….wait for it…BOOKS, shocking I know, that we decided to pass on. So kudos to us for being so awesome.

And in other great news, I think I have us down to just 13 bags, way better than the 16 that I’ve been preparing for! Now you’re probably thinking 13 bags, what the hell, that’s still a ton of crap! Our hope is though that once we get all this stuff moved down there, we’ll just have a few bags to take back and forth every year. We’ll see what it really shakes out to be, but that’s the hope.

I’m really excited to have this whole dual residence thing going on, although I have to admit getting your head wrapped around what you will really need when you leave one home for your other home for 6 months at a time is a little daunting but definitely super-duper exciting!

Aside from all the prep, we’re busy with the campgrounds, it’s crazy sunny up here, like totally unbelievable weather for this time of year, so there’s no shortage of campers at the moment, and the kiddos are getting in plenty of school. This week should go by fast, I’m heading into the tax office to work for a few days, and then on the 1st we’ll lock up the gates and get the park all buttoned up for winter.

Until next time!







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