Amazon Camperforce

What is Amazon Camperforce?

Amazon Camperforce is a fantastic workamping opportunity that offers RV’ers a great way to earn some big bucks around the holidays and beyond. Camperforce employees perform various tasks at the participating fulfillment centers in exchange for an RV space, base wages, OT wages, a completion bonus, and some other fun incentives throughout the season.

Where is Amazon Camperforce?

There are a few participating locations that are available year to year and a small number of others that seem to vary. For the 2018 season Camperforce was hiring for the following areas:

  • Shepherdsville, KY
  • Campbellsville, KY
  • Hebron, KY
  • Lexington, KY
  • Whitestown, IN
  • Murfreesboro, TN

When is Amazon Camperforce?

In years past Amazon has offered a seasonal schedule that runs from approximately late August to just before Christmas, typically your season ends December 23rd, with some flexibility on either end. This year, 2018, they have rolled out Peak Returns which extends the Camperforce season until April for those who choose to stay. So far the only facilities participating in the Peak Returns Camperforce program are Hebron, KY, and Lexington, KY.

What can I earn with Amazon Camperforce?

Amazon offers excellent wages, with time and a half for overtime, plus shift differential (available at specific facilities), plus a completion bonus in the amount of $1.00 for each regular hour worked and $1.50 for each overtime hour worked after your assignment ends.

Here are the current 2018 wages for each facility:

Shepherdsville, KY

  • Day shifts starting at $11.50/hr
  • Night shifts starting at $12.00/hr

Campbellsville, KY (Fills up Fast, Campground within walking distance)

  • Day shifts starting at $10.75/hr
  • Night & Weekend Day shifts starting at $11.50/hr

Hebron, KY (3 facilities, Participates in Peak Returns)

  • Day shifts starting at $11.75/hr
  • Night shifts starting at $12.25/hr
  • Weekend Night shifts starting at $12.75/hr

Lexington, KY (2 facilities, Participates in Peak Returns)

  • Day shifts starting at $11.25/hr
  • Night shifts starting at $12.25/hr

Whitestown, IN (New for 2018)

  • Day shifts starting at $13.50/hr
  • Night shifts starting at $14.50/hr

Murfreesboro, TN (Fills up Fast)

  • Day shifts starting at $11.50/hr
  • Night shifts starting at $12.00/hr

What will I do at Amazon Camperforce?

Receiving – The receiver’s job is to receive product into our inventory system and place it on a cart so that it may be placed onto shelves.

Stowing – The Stower’s job is to scan product and place it into a bar-coded shelf location so that the product can be ordered by customers.

Picking – Pickers receive information regarding customer orders and are then directed to a shelf location to “pick” the order and place the items in a “tote” and then on to the conveyor system.

Pack – Packer’s will receive information from the computer regarding what packing materials to use for a package, and the packers will then place the completed order on the conveyor system.

ICQA – In ICQA (Inventory Control & Quality Assurance) you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the inventory in the bins. Typically this position is limited to returning associates who have been previously trained in ICQA.

Physical Demands – Each position has their own set of physical demands, but this is a rough list of what to expect amongst the different departments.

  • Must be able to stand continuously for a 10-hour shift
  • Lift and move up to 49 lbs with assistance
  • Lift, bend, reach above the head, kneel, crouch, stretch, and stoop repetitively
  • Engage in repetitive motion activities
  • Able to walk frequently throughout the facility
  • Walk several miles throughout the facility (5-10 +) over the course of a 10-hour shift
  • Operate a handheld scanner

Our 2018 Amazon Camperforce Timeline

January 13 – Application submitted (Basic questions, a brief personality survey, and the opportunity to upload your resume)

January 18 – Application Approved

February 18 – Application Approved by preferred facility and preliminary offer paperwork received. Now able to select preferred shift, department, start date, etc…

March 27 – List of Campgrounds released, now able to make reservations based on your preferred start date

August 20 – Drug Test and Background Test Ordered

August 31 – Drug Test and Background Check Approved

September 24 – Still Awaiting Official Start Date, Preferred Date is 10/15

My Thoughts on Amazon Camperforce

Hubby worked for Amazon back in 2013 in Fernley, NV. We set up shop at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. The kiddos were 7 and 9, so I stayed home and roadschooled, etc… Hubby worked long hours, but the money was good. Overall he enjoyed his time, and the workload was never too much for him. I was way happy to get out of there, but that’s mostly because I hate being stuck in one place for so long.

Fast forward to 2018 and we’re about to embark on the Amazon adventure again. This time though, both of us will be working. There’s not a ton of info out there on the Camperforce program, let alone working Amazon when you have a family in tow, so I’m excited to share our expereience and even inspire others to take advanatage of this awesome money making opportunity. We’ll see how it works for the family, and keep you posted along the way!

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