Let the adventure begin…

Wow, what a couple of weeks. So we last left you with 2 weeks to go, and a whole lot has happened since then.

Hubby and I successfully got the campgrounds wrapped up and all the “things” checked off the list. As we expected the last week was quite intense. A few unexpected hurdles, as well as the tasks we knew, had to wait until the last minute. It’s funny when you prepare for a big transition. It seems like it’s a lot of sitting around then all the sudden the time comes, and it’s like a sprint to get it all done. And somehow you manage to get everything in order, or if you don’t, you figure out how to live with what’s left undone.

For us, our last week was quite a whirlwind, and it felt as though the universe was not thrilled with our plans, doing everything it possibly could to set us back. But in true Cunningham style, we got it all in order just in time for wheels up!

Travel Day Photos


The flights were fairly easy, just one layover at Sea Tac and then we touched down in muggy Detroit. Did you know it was so hot and humid there? After being exhausted from our week, and slightly jet-lagged, the kiddos were so confused, everyone could swear that we were headed to the jungles of Cahuita, not the big city of Detroit, considering how humid it was.

Anyways, it was off to the hotel in our fancy new rental car, man every time I get in one of these rentals I feel like I’m flying a spaceship, and the first time I came to a stop the car just truned off! Guess that is an emissions thing because it would start right up when I took my foot off the brake, seemed so odd, and way too fancy for me, but whatever. We pulled into the hotel, nothing fancy, just the way we like it, safe and cheap. Then it was off to find food. It’s one of our biggest pleasures in the lower 48, all the yummy food at a moments notice! Pizza Hut was our dinner treat, and it was delicious! After a full belly, it was shower time then into bed.

Monday morning came, and it was time to head about an hour north and pick up our “new to us” truck. I was a little apprehensive, it’s tough to buy something sight unseen, but you do what ya gotta do, to make all the dreams happen! So off we went. I was also really excited because today was the day we were going to explore Detroit. I have been trying to get Hubby to take us to Detroit for years!

We pulled into the dealership, and there it was, prettier than I remember it, and it looked so much better in person. The interior, everything was just awesome! I can’t say enough about Mashburn Motors they are AMAZING!!! Kevin is so great, and easy to work with, and they are truly an upstanding dealership. I would travel far and wide to purchase from them again, more about how amazing they are later!

Anyways, so Kevin offered for us to leave the rental at his place for a bit as we wanted to drive into Flint and do a little driving tour. Pics and such to come. Fortunately, the truck drove like a dream. So much more comfortable than our Ford! Quiet, Hubby said it had tons of power. It was great. We couldn’t be happier. A few hours later it was time to take the rental back to the airport and start our Detroit driving tour. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, I loved our tour around the city. Pics to come.

Now it’s Tuesday, and it was finally time to pick up the RV. There’s been a lot of tension with the pickup of our trailer, a few unforeseen hurdles, and quite honestly I was so nervous about how our pickup day was going to go, I was so ready to get it over with. It was about a 2-hour drive to the dealership, and everything was going great UNTIL the truck’s check engine light came on. Are you kidding me?!? I was so surprised considering how well it had driven the day before, but so goes. We were literally minutes from the dealership, already nervous about the pickup, but we decided to push through the pickup process and deal with the truck in a bit.

All status quo with the trailer, it was a little hard to focus because I was so upset about the truck, so it’s kind of all a blur. Thank goodness we’ve done this before because I probably wouldn’t know how anything worked if I was relying on that morning to learn. But we covered the basics, mostly the hitch, since it’s quite different than our 5th wheel hitch, and a few nuances for this particular unit, and of course some upgrades that RV’s have seen since 2012 when we purchased the last one.

At this point we were fairly comfortable with the unit, nail pops and all, HA, and wanted to get the codes read on the truck. So we decided to leave the unit at the dealer and see what we could figure out about the truck. Got the codes read, a bunch of gibberish about fuel injectors, great this again, and so we had to make a decision. I really, really didn’t want to spend the night in the Terry Town RV parking lot, so we opted to hitch up and make the 2-hour drive to our next RV park. Plus the check engine light had cleared itself, so I thought well, maybe it’s just a fluke, you know a little wishful thinking. Well, as we were exiting the freeway to our RV park there went the check engine light again and a super rough idle. Great! We make it to the campground, everyone’s gotta pee, it’s crazy hot outside, and we’re dressed for the Arctic because we haven’t gotten into our bags of crap yet.

It’s open parking, so we drive the loop a couple of times, and finally find a spot we’re comfortable with, mostly because it’s a pull through, sometimes it’s just nice not to have to back up and deal with that shit show, especially at this point in our travels. Well, once we get parked, it turns out the site doesn’t have sewer, SHIT! So we evaluate another spot and agree to move there, but it’s a back-in. OK. So we review our exit plan and well, long story short that doesn’t work out either, so now Hubby is backing up onto a dirt road to get us the fuck out of this mess! HA! We finally make the loop, back to the site we want and start backing in, all in all, Hubby does a great job, but this 37-foot thing moves a hell of a lot different than the 5th wheel. Anyways, we get in, and all is good, until… All of the sudden I hear hubby yelling, “get out of the trailer, get out of the trailer,” turns out we had no chocks, no nothing to keep this beast from rolling backwards and so it did… Oh my god, we are so stupid. But in all fairness, we have never, ever had this issue with the 5th wheel. Luckily hubby was able to steal some chocks from a neighbor, and is able to back up and catch the trailer with his receiver, whew! Crisis averted! And in hindsight, the first site we picked was on a serious incline, sooooo perhaps the universe does still like me, cause this trailer would have been long gone had we parked there.

And for those of you who know me, you probably think I’m sobbing by now, and honestly, if it were 5 years ago, I absolutely would have been. But not this time, I was still laughing with hubby because what the fuck else are you supposed to do at this point! HA! In fact, there wasn’t even much yelling, I totally think we are rocking this whole shit show!!

So after we agree that the trailer is mostly stationary, we head to Walmart to buy out the store. The truck’s check engine light is still on, and as we drive I do cry a little because ya know, I’m just kinda done. Plus I’m still dealing with a 3-day root canal, that just got wrapped up the day before we got on a plane, because that’s just how life goes.

So Wednesday comes around, and I’d love to be enjoying the new house because it is kind of totally beautiful, but we’ve got the truck shit pressing on us. So I send hubby to a nearby town in hopes that the diesel shop will tell us it will all be ok. I’ve also gotten the truck dealer involved at this point, who is great about the whole thing! Again Kevin at Mashburn Motors is a super standup guy! By the end of Wednesday, we find out that the truck is in great shape, other than Fuel Injector 4 needing to be replaced. Honestly, that’s about the best thing it could have been, based on all my internet research, man those forums are scary! Anyways, we get the quote, ouch, and opt to move ahead with the repairs. Hoping that Mashburn would pitch in with the costs. Thursday morning rolls around, and Mashburn has said they will pay for the entire repair. Finally, someone knows how to do business, and this totally makes my day! Can’t say enough great things about them!

So here we are on Friday, waiting to hear about our truck, should be ready any minute now. And then it’s back to Walmart to continue furnishing the RV. Tomorrow is our 5-hour drive down to our Amazon RV park, and then we start our season on Monday.

Sometimes it’s hard to live this life. Sometimes I wish I could be content with just sitting in an office and collecting my W2 salary. Sometimes I wish I didn’t want so much out of life. And sometimes I wish things would just go a little easier. Then I realize, especially after spending a day in  Detroit, that I’ve got it fucking made! How dare I complain even a little about my first world problems. But so goes the globe spinning round and round with or without my woes and triumphs. All I know is that I’ve got Hubby, and I’ve got these amazing kiddos, and really what else could a gal ask for?

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