A bumpy road ahead…

So here we were all hitched up and ready to go. It was about a 5-hour drive from Bear Cave RV Park to the Amazon RV park in Indiana. We were so excited to get this thing rolling. We had gotten the truck back the night before, and everything was looking good. We got through most of the drive reasonably well, and the truck was doing great. Until… We stopped for a bathroom break at a little casino parking lot, and the truck just idled while we did our thing, then as soon as we got back in the check engine light popped again, JEEZ! So, a little deflated we carried on, the truck was still running great and we only had about 50 miles left on our journey, at this point we just wanted to make it to Amazon. Well with about 17 miles to go the truck did its thing again, seriously rough idle and we all but lost power. Hubby was doing everything he could to keep us rolling. First gear, second gear, tow/haul…HA! It certainly was a stressfull last 17 miles, only able to get up to about 25MPH the entire time. BUT we made it into our site. UGH!!!!!! So who knows what the Cunninghams will do next…. Tomorrow is our first day at Amazon, luckily the truck seems to be in better spirits so hopefully we make it. Then I guess we’ll just go from there. I seriously am so ready to be done with this whole “series of unfortunate events” thing. Tomorrow is a new day! Hooray ?!?

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