All settled in…

What a week! So Hubby and I are official “Amazonians”! Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History! And walk a shit ton! HA! Everyone at the facility is very friendly and helpful. For the most part it’s easy work, just physically demanding. We are both really happy to be sitting and off until Wednesday. It’s pretty cool being in the facility, getting a first hand perspective of how that little package makes it to your doorstep within 2 days. You can keep up with Camperforce specific updates here: Amazon Camperforce Page. The kiddos are adjusting well, so happy we got the day shift. It makes for a smooth transition. Olivia is just finishing up her first quarter as a freshman, and I am so pleased to report that she is a straight A student in her online classes. I feel so much better now, knowing that we didn’t totally screw her up all these years! HA! If there was one subject I was ever nervous about it was writing, creative and otherwise… Well, she did a fantastic job! She got a 98% on her quarter-final which was a narrative and a 95% on her 60 minute timed writing test, basically another narrative prompt, just timed. WOW! I am one impressed mom!!!! In other news the truck is back in Michigan. Hubby met the mechanic halfway and swapped trucks. Still no word on what the problem is, but at least we can get to work on time, so that’s really all that matters right now. Other than that things are going great. The campground is amazing, phone service could be a little better, but otherwise, it’s beautiful, clean, safe. And the Halloween festivities are widespread. Today will be pumpkin carving, we’ll decorate our site a bit, a hayride to the on-site haunted house, and some trick or treating. So fun!

One thought on “All settled in…

  • So glad things are going well! Happy to hear also, that the dealer is upstanding and taking care of business! Whsts app downloaded and ready to go! Love you guys


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