Our 2018 Amazon Camperforce Season So Far…

Our 2018 Amazon Camperforce Timeline

January 13 – Application submitted (Basic questions, a brief personality survey, and the opportunity to upload your resume)

January 18 – Application Approved

February 18 – Application Approved by preferred facility and preliminary offer paperwork received. Now able to select preferred shift, department, start date, etc…

March 27 – List of Campgrounds released, now able to make reservations based on your preferred start date

August 20 – Drug Test and Background Test Ordered

August 31 – Drug Test and Background Check Approved

September 27 – Received Official Start Date of 10/15

October 13 – Arrived at “Amazon Campground” (Amazon will allow you to pull in 2 nights prior to your start date)

October 15 – 4 Hour New Hire Orientation (Shift and Department Revealed)

October 16 – 10 Hour Shift

October 17 – 5 Hour Shift

October 18 – 5 Hour Shift (After this condensed work week you will begin your regular shift)

What our first week was like at CVG1 as Pickers…

We arrived at the Amazon Hiring Center promptly at 8am on Monday. I believe the orientations are held on Mondays so I would urge you to choose a start date that aligns with that schedule. We were the first group to arrive at the hiring center. We received our 2018 Camperforce shirt, lanyards, and a few extra goodies. We completed our I-9 on the laptops provided and then headed to the orientation area. There we handed over our ID’s, watched a couple of hours of new hire videos, and received our shift and department assignments.

Tuesday we arrived at the fulfillment center and received our badges. Once we were through the turnstiles, we got a very brief tour of the employee facilities, such as bathrooms, the breakroom, HR, time clocks, etc… In the “classroom” we reviewed break times, for outbound it’s 9:15am and 2:45pm, with lunch at 11:35am. And tons and tons of safety training, safety is very important to them. We did lots of on the floor training, just learning how to navigate the fulfillment center, and how to do your job as a picker. By lunchtime, we were pulling real orders.

After lunch it was Hubby’s turn, I went off and did my thing. Primarily as a picker, it’s your job to pull items from the bins and fill your totes. And BTW it’s very important to remember the difference between a tote and a bin, HA! It’s kind of funny how much this is drilled into your head. Anyways, once you are ready to work, you activate your scanner, and it tells you exactly where to go in the fulfillment center. I’m still learning my way around, but our first week was spent on the 3rd floor in North MOD, I know that tells you a lot, HA! So you grab a cart full of totes and head to the area on your scanner. The scanner will NOT let you mess up. Scan the bin, scan the item, place tote on the conveyor, rinse and repeat. In a nutshell that’s what you do for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. I just got a pedometer, so I am so curious to see how much we really walk in a day, but I’m guessing at least 5 miles a day. Pretty impressive that Bezos is paying us $15 an hour to get a little healthier HA!

By the end of the day Tuesday, we were beat. Although all of our Disney training proved helpful, we were pretty used to tired feet. Same deal for Wednesday and Thursday, but only 5-hour shifts. And by then, we were both pretty happy to have a long weekend.

All in all, it’s super easy work. A little mundane, and I have to admit at times I contemplated whether this was better than the tax office HA! But not having to work with the general public is always excellent. You’re pretty much on your own. Except when I might steal a passing kiss from hubby in an aisle 🙂

We start our regular shift this week. A full 50 hours. The money is great! And anytime I feel a bit tired I think about all the benefits my body is getting, along with the fact that anyone can do anything for 10 weeks! I’ll keep you posted.

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