The New Rig is Coming Along…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we picked up the rig and we’ve just about got everything into place. I am amazed at how much storage this thing has! I mean I couldn’t fill the thing up even if I wanted to.

Living Room Book Case

Everywhere you look there’s another cupboard.

Master Bath Linen Closet

It’s pretty awesome! And having both a dinette and a couch in the living room is so nice.

Dinette and Couch in Living Room


Our master bedroom is a bit small, but now that the living room is so comfortable we all pretty much just hang out there.

Master Bedroom

Surprising our master bath feels smaller, but that corner shower makes up for it completely.

Master Bathroom with Corner Shower

The L-Shaped kitchen is a huge plus, having a corner to shove all the devices is incredible.

Kitchen and that Amazing Pantry

I still have yet to really look at our outdoor kitchen, again more storage, but hubby’s pretty happy to have a beer fridge HA! The kids love their room, they are so glad the beds are bigger than they thought they would be. And really the floor space is much wider than I thought it would be.

Kids Room


Liv’s bathroom is snug, but she has plenty of room for all her girly products, so that’s another plus.

Kids Half Bath

As you can tell we all love the new rig, and of course that fireplace is like, amazing! Pair that with the blue lights, and I’m totally in my happy place!

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