What about Amazon with kiddos?

What about Amazon with kiddos?

This is the first time that our kiddos haven’t had either mom or dad the majority of the day. They are 14 and 12 and just about the best kiddos you could ever ask for. When I go to work in the winter, Dad is home, and when we work over the summer, the kiddos are either in tow or left to their own devices for short periods. This work adventure was tough for me to wrap my head around, I hate leaving my babies, even when I work the tax office. But we decided as a family that this is what we all wanted to do, well unless we were going sell body parts for cash or something. So off we went.

We discussed the possibilities of Hubby and I both working nights and decided that we would not put our family in that situation. If for some reason we both got put on nights one of us would just bow out and go find a gig at Target or something, they pay $12.00 minimum, and we would still get our campsite, etc… paid for with only one of us working Amazon. Fortunately, we both got put on days. I do feel like this was the best scenario for our family. If we had worked opposite shifts, we would almost never see each other, and for those of you who know us, that’s like a totally big deal. And as I write this, I am already thinking about next year because, that’s the one thing I don’t like about the whole Amazon thing, you just don’t know your shift until you get here, and that’s kind of a burden when you have kiddos. Although, I feel like the facility was very accommodating to all of our Camperforce team, and I have high hopes that we could find something that worked for everyone. Anyways…

So the kiddos. I am so proud to report that no one was injured, the house is still standing, I mean as good it can for a home made of cardboard 🙂 and the kiddos didn’t kill each other. I do NOT think this is for kiddos who are NOT uber responsible. They are forced to handle the daily grind, school, chores, etc… All while in a strange place, without mommy and daddy to keep them company. Now for our kids, this just kind of is. It’s no hostel in the middle of Honduras that’s for sure! So to them, I think it was just another 10 weeks of mom and dad’s shenanigans that they were forced to go along with. And that’s why they are going to be absolutely awesome adults!!

They managed the daily chores, keeping us stocked with clean dishes and clean laundry all while managing their busy school schedules. The key for us was keeping them tasked. We take opportunities like this to focus entirely on school. That way we can go at it a little easier when we’re having fun! They stayed up late, got up late, and just barely had enough time to get all the things done before we got home from work. This worked well for us. They also got a cool babysitting gig which occupied their time, and brought in some good cash!

They did start to wear down over the last couple of weeks, I think we all did, but they pushed through, and I think they feel a sense of accomplishment. Again, this is not for the children who push boundaries and make you worry. It’s probably not right for your family if you have little ones, or kids who need their time micromanaged. But if you have kiddos that can stick to a schedule, and take pride in doing a good job, and getting their work done, then I highly recommend it.

So would they do it again?

The answer is an overwhelming yes, but only if they get to hang at Disney for a couple of months. I can’t say I blame them!


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