Christmas with the Cunninghams

Merry Christmas from Rising Sun, Indiana!

We had an absolutely awesome Christmas Day. A perfect way to end our season at Amazon. It felt like we had been waiting for this day for an eternity, and we were so happy it finally came!

We made Santa cookies and decorated with our traditional gingerbread houses.

Our last day of work was Saturday the 22nd. We went out and got all of our Christmas goodies, then on Sunday we all cleaned and tidied to get ready for the big day. Livs and I premade a ton of food, and by Christmas Eve night we were all set for Santa to come.

Finally, it was Christmas day! Hubby and I were so ready to finally open all those presents. The kiddos set their alarms for 8:30am and told Grammy to be over promptly at 9:00. Hubby and I couldn’t sleep so we took some selfies, played our favorite game, “name the trash floating down the river,” and just enjoyed hanging on the couch!

Now it was time! Liv was ready!

Ryder was ready!

And Grammy was ready! We all got decked out in our Christmas gear and started the festivities. We really had a great day! The kiddos said it was our best yet. And Ryder said that he couldn’t believe that we had topped last year. HA!


2 thoughts on “Christmas with the Cunninghams

  • Christmas in the RV!! I love it! So envious! I am missing my RV tonight… it’s at the coast an hour away, but our forecast is rain and we are broke till next month. I wish I was camping in my RV too! Counting down till longer, warmer days….😎🥂🥳

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