Steak n’ Shake in Pigeon Forge, TN

So after another great school day, we decided it would be fun to get about and about, hit the outlets, and grab some dinner. We knew the trolley was on a modified schedule so we walked to the pickup point, only about a 15-minute walk from the campground and figured it would arrive within 20 minutes. Well…. we waited and waited and waited, and Livs called the trolley office, and we waited some more, and finally an hour later it arrived.

You know it’s so funny that these little moments pop up in life, and we could have just called an Uber, we could have just gone home, we could have gotten upset, we could have just played on our phones, but we didn’t. We all chatted, reminisced about all the times we had waited for buses and boats in Central America, laughed, and felt a tiny sense of accomplishment as soon as we saw the trolley round the corner. It was silly really but honestly, some of our best moments come from standing on the side of the road putting our faith in something other than ourselves.

So after the short trolley ride up the parkway, we were dropped off at the outlets, running a little later than we anticipated but no biggie! So we head towards our first store, and the door is locked, turns out they closed early! HA! Too funny, we all kind of died laughing at that moment, because it was just so perfectly us.

So now it was on to dinner! We had plans to go to this place that we’ve seen down here, Quaker Steak n’ Lube, but we saw a Steak n’ Shake on our way and just couldn’t resist! And it was a great experience. Yummy food topped off with delicious shakes! We did treat the kids to an Uber home, by this time it was so cold out, and I obviously needed to refamiliarize myself with the new trolley schedule, ha!

Today it was another great school day followed by the best news of all….The truck part that we sent off is fixed!!! My biggest fear was that they were going to call and tell us nothing was wrong with it, but thank goodness it was actually broken. So… In theory, we should be able to pop this back in the truck and be back and rolling!!! Friday is the big day, we’ll get the part to the mechanic hitch up the trailer and put the truck to the test, as long as everything goes as planned we will officially head out on Saturday and continue our way south. Yeah!


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