Pirate Golf and the Mirror Maze in Pigeon Forge, TN

With the truck almost fixed and hopefully rolling out of here Saturday we thought it would be good to check the last few activities off our list. So last night we went over to Magi Quest and relived our adventure from 2012. First up was Blacklight Pirate Golf…

As you can see it was a very close game between Hubby and me. I rarely do anything better than he does, so this was super cool! After golf, it was on to the Mirror Maze! And if you have never done one you have to add it to your list, they are so much fun!!! Music, disco lights, and the constant shock that there’s 20 of you…Aweomse!!!

After all this fun the boys went off to play their Magi Quest adventure, and it was time for a Starbucks for Livs and me. We finished the night at 5 Guys, my absolutely favorite burger place here in town, and of course took an Uber home. I am ashamed to say that we just couldn’t make the walk back. We did walk into town, but by this time it was 29 degrees outside, just too cold!!

And today should be the big day. We’ll wait for UPS to deliver our part to the campground, Hubby will Uber over to the mechanic, we’ll do a little test drive, and then we should be ready to roll out tomorrow!!! I’ll let you know 🙂


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