Hello from…. Yep, still Pigeon Forge!

Yes, we are still really here. And you’re probably thinking what in the hell are they still doing there, if it were me… Well sometimes it’s easier from the outside to come up with all the things you could do to get yourself out of a jam, but when you’re living it things become a bit muddled. In any case, I think we last left off with us waiting for our truck part, again! And we now know that the part is officially “dead.” So with many phone calls we finally got what we think we need. Now, we still don’t know if this will fix the original problem, but the truck isn’t even a working vehicle without this part, so first things first. The hope is that this “new” part will show up tomorrow, and we can drop it in, and it actually fixes the problem. Does it feel like you’ve heard this story before? HA! I’m telling you it’s like the freaking twilight zone around here 🙂 Anyways, we have decided that either way we are getting the hell out of here. Truck or no truck. We’ve got plan A and B all drawn out, and we’re ready to push forward with either. The weather here is turning, and we’ve had a half-frozen RV for the last couple of days, we’re doing OK, but I think it’s time. We do warm up today so everything should be back to normal, but man, I hate putting this thing through rough weather. So hopefully our next update will be from a warmer destination. Fingers crossed!

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