Now for the good stuff…

We have been having a great time here at Disney! We love this area so much, and the warm Florida sun is just amazing. We have a great pool and hot tub at our new park, something I have been looking forward to for a long time! Our Disney time is just awesome, we love the way we do Disney. No stress. Go in when we want and stay as long as we want. It’s super great to just enjoy the parks for a few hours and not feel pressed for time. Sometimes we just go in for our 3 pre-booked fast passes, a yummy treat, and call it a day!

We’ve also received great news about the Alaska House, we are officially in escrow! That was such an exciting phone call! Obviously, this just gets the ball rolling, but I am hopeful that things will trek along smoothly and we will be free of the property by April. Hooray!



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    • Good jobs on the road can be hard to find, my goal this summer is to find a great online job. We got lucky with our Alaska job, and of course, anyone can do Amazon. I recently subscribed to https://realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com/ they seem like legitimate leads, and at the very least I love reading through the listings and dreaming! I know you guys would have a blast on the road 🙂

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    • So I started with this company https://www.transcribeme.com/monetize-your-downtime/ and when I say started I mean I started the test that needs to be submitted. I actually found it very challenging, even though I am an excellent typist. I was also just kind of scoping out the whole online job thing, so I wasn’t that serious about it at the time. But I would check them out if it is something you’re interested in. The best online jobs I seem to come across are the “chat” jobs https://www.thechatshop.com/about-us#tile-work-with-us unfortunately for me most online jobs usually rule out candidates from AK. But if it were me I would seriously look at online chat jobs, the requirements are very feasible. And I totally understand about the budget, but I will say we do so much more with so much less. But as you can see from our endeavors there’s always a bit of surprise and sometimes it requires living in a sort of odd way, HA! But you guys seem up for that 🙂

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      • I just read your message to Ryan! He is totally going to look it up today! We have a snow day today, which practically never happens! We have 12 inches of snow. Probably the most in 10-15 years.
        We are totally up for making do with less and living a bit nontradtionally! 😁


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