Florida Update…

Florida has been super so far. We are officialy on day 23! 32 days left to go before we have to hop on a plane back to the great white North! We’ve been hitting Blizzard Beach like crazy this past week. It’s really hot down here, which is great when you’re baking in the sun. We have our regular spot, and the kiddos have the run of the place. It’s kinda cool when cast members know you by name, or maybe not by name but “bearded guy and family” is tossed around quite a bit. And typically once we set foot in the park, the kids are off to ride the rides while Hubby and I set up shop, get some sun, and hit the lazy river. The rest of the day is usually spent seeing what crazy water slide they can manage to get mom on. Dad’s pretty adventurous, but some of those water slides scare me, HA! Anyways, when we aren’t hitting the water park, we have been loving Epcot. It’s a really nice evening park! So we manage to get some school done and go in for a late afternoon/evening tour. Barring a few logistics here and there life is pretty quiet.
And other than doing the parks and maybe a quick trip out to Clearwater that’s about all we have planned before we head back. We’re still waiting to hear back on the truck, but who really cares at this point, I am sure it will all shake out. The Alaska house is moving forward with the sale, so hopefully, all goes well with that! We’ve officially signed up with Amazon again, and I’ll be updating the information soon, as there have been some changes to the program. So with that said we think that the rig will be stored down here in Florida until we pick it up in October. We do have a special guest coming on Monday, Nana will be spending a few weeks of Disney fun with us! So we are all looking forward to that! Today, we’re not really sure where the day will take us. We are all enjoying a leisurely morning, clearly because it is now 1pm and we are all still in our jammies, yep, this is the life! HA! More soon…

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