Alaska summer is in full swing

Per usual there’s lots to do when we first arrive in Alaska. And as I write this I can’t believe we’ve already been back over 2 months. Whew! It’s been an amazing season so far. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come our way. For starters, Hubby was on a mission to take on a new summer gig. Now that we’d sold the rental he had time to take on a little something extra. And in our truly codependent way that something turned out to be yet another job we work together. Ha! I think we shock people at how much we really do as a team. Yes sometimes he drives me crazy, and I’m sure I have the same effect on him, but we’ve made it this far. Almost 2 decades in! Anyways, the new gigs are great. I’m all remote and Hubby is very part time onsite. It’s really a perfect fit. Another reason we were able to take on a bit more is because we have officially moved to full hook-ups in the RV! This is huge!!!! I mean for someone who doesn’t know it’s so hard to explain just how much of a difference this makes. It’s not super hard or anything living without water and sewer. But it is definitely something that you think about daily and address often. So this is a huge step in the right direction. So to answer the inevitable question yes we still work our summer campground gig and we’re actually still on the river. We just secured a new place to park “home”.

This is home now and that’s Ryder’s totally awesome “gaming tent”.

So with everything running smoothly we moved on to the next part of our summer. That independence for the kiddos that I eluded to.

Ryder spent his first week at resident camp and is headed back for another tomorrow. He’ll do this week on few days off thing for pretty much the remainder of the summer. He was pretty apprehensive about his first week but he did great and he’s up for more. So I couldn’t be happier.

And just prior to dropping off my little guy at camp it was Liv’s turn to experience a little or a lot of freedom…

Her bags were packed and she was headed to Europe!

Here’s the proof! Ha!

She’s been gone just about 2 weeks and tonight we’ll pick her up. I’m still amazed that she had this awesome adventure! England, France, and Spain. I’m sure she’ll have lots to write about in her creative writing workshop this summer.

So as you can see we really do have an abundance of things to be grateful for. And I try and account for them often. Should be a great rest of the season. And then it’s on to another lower 48 adventure. But for now. I’ll just sit back and enjoy what’s ” in the now”.

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