Liv’s European Extravaganza!

In the Anchorage airport waiting to board the first of many planes to Heathrow Airport, the start of her England, France, and Spain Tour!

Killing time in the Toronto Airport. It’s a good thing she knew I got texted every time she swiped her card!

Made it to London!

Touring around Picadilly Circus and Covent Garden

Spikey in Covent Garden. In honor of Spikey Liv’s brought home a pair of those special UK boxers for her little bro!

With its world famous dome, St. Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic part of London’s skyline. After being destroyed four times throughout history, the current cathedral – designed by Christopher Wren – has lived through three centuries, and its dome is the second largest in the world at 366 feet high. St. Pauls Cathedral Fun Fact – 29 July 1981: Charles, Prince of Wales, was married to Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral

Westminster Abbey is a Gothic monastery church in London that is the traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs. Neither a cathedral nor a parish church, Westminster Abbey is a place of worship owned by the royal family. Fun Fact – Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was married to Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.

On the bus around London

Buckingham Palace is the official residence and administrative headquarters of the British monarch and has been so since the accession to the throne of Queen Victoria in 1837.

The only thing I wanted other than Olivia coming home safely was a London Underground shirt, and she remembered!

On the Metro headed back to the hotel. So proud of our girl! By the time she touched down in London she had been going for 50 hours and toured the remainder of the day.

Leaving London on the Eurostar and headed to the City of Lights, Paris!

The Louvre, originally a royal palace but now the world’s most famous museum, is a must-visit for anyone with a slight interest in art. Some of the museum’s most celebrated works of art include the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo. The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world.

Situated at the Place de l’Etoile, overlooking the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe is the biggest arch in the world. It was commissioned by Napoleon in 1806 to celebrate his victory at Austerlitz. The architects Chalgrin, Joust, and Blouet all worked on the monument. Unfortunately, the kiddos had to stay on the bus for their visit because they were setting up for the weekly protests.

The Eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet (324 meters) tall, including the antenna at the top. Without the antenna, it is 984 feet (300 m). It was the world’s tallest structure until the Chrysler Building was built in New York in 1930.


Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral, located in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, is one of the most authentic and complete works of religious architecture of the early 13th century. It was the destination of a pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary, among the most popular in all medieval Western Christianity. Olivia says the blue in the stained glass is unique to this structure because no one can figure out how to recreate it.

Château de Chenonceau is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in France that is today only surpassed by the might of the famous Versailles in Paris. It is located near small village Chenonceaux in the Loire Valley and was originally built over the river Cher in the 11th century.

Baguette Vending Machine in Loire Valley…Awesome!

Side of the road sand dune on her way to Biarritz, France!

Biarritz, town, Pyrénées-Atlantiques département, Nouvelle-Aquitaine région, southwestern France. It lies along the Bay of Biscay, adjacent to Bayonne and Anglet and 11 miles (18 km) from the Spanish border.

The perfect Espresso in San Sebastian, Spain It looks delicious!

Pamplona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain – Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), his work on the building is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In November 2010, Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the church and proclaimed it a minor basilica. In 1882, construction of Sagrada Família began under architect Francisco de Paula del Villar.

Harbor in Barcelona




On her first of a few planes back to the states. I’m sure she could have spent the rest of her life abroad, but I know she was in some serious need of downtime, this certainly isn’t the way we are used to traveling.

We kept up with her snap chat while she was away and this pretty much says it all… I also love that she talks like her mom when posting!

And the last leg of her trip. Dad was sick so Ryder and ran down and scooped her up in Homer.

Then as we predicted she fell asleep Saturday night and didn’t really wake up until Monday morning. Glad she’s happy to be home.

Overall I think she had a great time. I’m happy she got to experience Europe in a new setting, and hopefully, it built some character and impacted her for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “Liv’s European Extravaganza!

  • Hey Tammy! Long time! I hope the family is doing great! I bet Blake is a superstar baseball player these days. Getting ready for college in a few, amazing! TIme is funny, on one hand, it seems like ages ago, but on the other, I feel like we were all just hanging around the playground. Crazy! Things are good here, as you can see pretty status quo doing the RV thing and such, and getting these kiddos through school! Take care!


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