That’s a wrap!

Well, folks, we did it! Another season in the books. Whew, that was a fast one! By far, our best summer in Alaska to date. Our new summer jobs went awesomely well. We learned a lot, had fun, and made some paper dollars! The campground gig couldn’t have gone better, our hosts are absolutely amazing and coming back next year! And thanks to our very generous friends, our newfound offsite home made a world of difference.

The last couple of weeks have been busy getting the campgrounds wrapped up and preparing for our departure. We got most of the list done; there’s always a couple of things that we agree can wait until next year. It’s funny with RV’s. You get to this point where you have the best of intentions with repairs or maintenance, but then you fear that you might really screw things up with only hours left before you leave, those are the moments when we say next spring will do just fine!

Now we begin our 5-day journey to Florida. As the kiddos and I sit in our cozy little Anchorage hotel, Hubby is headed back to the peninsula to continue the shuffle of vehicles and such. To save a little cash, we opted to have Hubby drive us all to ANC, so then we’d only have to pay for one charter flight. Tomorrow we leave Alaska and head for where else other than Pigeon Forge, TN. Can you believe we are going back!?! HA! Well, that poor little truck has been sitting there since December of last year. Supposedly it’s all fixed and ready to go! I guess we’ll soon find out. No matter what happens, we’ll figure it out, but man, I have every part of my body crossed and hoping all goes well.

Once we pick up the truck, we’ll make our way south, a quick stop in Georgia for breakfast with friends then onto Orlando. Monday, we pick up the trailer and set up shop near Disney. The kiddos already have their fast passes set up for Monday, as they have zero interest in picking up the trailer with us. I kinda feel the same way. I am so over the actual moving part of RVing! But, I do love my house on wheels, and the way we’re set up, we move pretty rarely. Mostly we hope it summered well, and we don’t have any extra furry friends dead or alive inside!

We are so looking forward to our Disney time, and we even have a bit more time to relax before our next gig. We switched things up a bit, and finally, after all these years, we have secured ourselves an awesome tree lot gig. I am just so happy! And the kiddos are pretty excited too. I think it will be yet another fun family experience for all of us.

Until next time!

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