All’s well in Sunny Florida…Mostly ;)

So Wednesday, we left Anchor Point and made our way north to Anchorage. A couple of nights in a hotel there, and it was time to make our way to Nashville. Probably the quickest and easiest flights we’ve had. Once in Nashville, we picked up a rental car and headed for Lebanon, TN. Just about an hour east of BNA. We crashed out for the night, and when we awoke Saturday morning, it was time for the big reveal of the truck that’s been stuck in Pigeon Forge since December!

After a minor situation with a dead battery, whew what a relief, we were on the road to TYS to drop the rental car. I’ll be honest it was a bit of a quiet ride. By now, we were on our 4th day of travel, and I think we were all a little anxious about the truck. Plus, we had just heard from Grammy that morning that she had a heart attack at Amazon and was going in for bypass surgery. Jeez! Poor lady! So while travel was going well, we were all trying to figure out what to do with the Gramster.

We made it to GA by about 10 pm that night and once again kind of just fell over out of exhaustion. The good news was the truck made it, no check engine light, excellent gas mileage, all signs pointed to success!

Sunday morning, we awoke to one of the shittiest most expensive hotels in the area, and we were grateful no one woke up covered in bites, HA! We met up with our friends for a tour around the airbase and a leisurely lunch. Nice to be in the air conditioning, eating good food with good friends!

As we all predicted, time got away from us, but we got on the road to Orlando about 3 pm, and we were officially Disney bound! Yeah!

The kiddos wanted to do the park on Monday while Dad and I got the rig set up, so we opted for a cheap little hotel on the main drag so we could drop kiddos off early and go pick up our house. In no time at all, Dad and I were up at the storage lot, a few butterflies in our tummies, just wanting everything to be OK with RV.

We popped open the door and quickly did the smell test, a good indicator of anything awful inside. Totally clear, just dryer sheets and my glade air fresheners. Hooray! We did a quick look around, and everything looked to be in good shape! While I continued to get the rig roll ready, not much to do, but we had put down trays of kitty litter, charcoal, and such, Dad set up the hitch on our truck. We had only done this once before, but with a little effort and a manual, we agreed we were ready to roll.

After a few miles of going the opposite direction, we couldn’t figure out where to turn around, we arrived at our RV park, parked, and got situated. And once again the truck did great! This was our biggest fear becuase towing seemed to anger the truck prior to repair, so we have pretty high hopes that it is officialy fixed! By this time, the kiddos were cooked from the hot Florida sun, had done a ton of rides, and were ready to come home. First things first, we got the air, water, and sewer set up, and off we went for the kiddos.

All was going great!

A quick trip to Walmart to gather a few staples, a trip to Chipotle for lunch, and we were all happy in our home, ready for our big adventure!

We agreed that Tuesday would be a day of much-needed rest so we could charge up for our adventure.

All was going great until we heard a big bang and thud from the bathroom. Poor Olivia had fallen, and her leg was definitely not OK. An ambulance ride and an ER visit later, we found it was relatively minor, just a dislocated knee cap, but definitely enough to throw a wrench in our plans.

As of now, she is resting comfortably with a brace and crutches, let me tell you crutches in the RV is for the birds, HA! But she’ll be ok. We’ll follow up with an ortho down here to make sure all is good, but with a little rest and recovery, we think she’ll be fine.

Guess we just have a little more time for school 🙂

As for Grammy, her surgery is tomorrow; we are all thinking good thoughts, and I’m sure I’ll head north to get her settled back in her rig at some point. Liv’s will rest. And we’ll all just be happy we’re able to be together as a family!!

I’ll take it!

One thought on “All’s well in Sunny Florida…Mostly ;)

  • As I read I was thinking, no more problems, no more problems, then bam! A twist at the end with the knee cap issue. Hope your Grams procedure was successful and Liv is better by now. Wishing you a problem free summer.


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