London Calling…

Ok, so let’s get this European tour going!

After a great winter in Florida. It was time to wrap up the RV and head out on our 50-day European extravaganza! We spent the past week getting the rig ready for storage, packing for Europe, as well as Alaska. As we were packing up, it felt like we had just moved in, but so goes living life in seasons.

On Monday, we moved the kiddos into a hotel, picked up the rental car, and Dad and I finished cleaning the RV. It went pretty fast this year, so that was nice. Monday night, we joined them at the hotel, and by Tuesday morning, the RV was safely in storage.

With our Europe bags in tow, we loaded up the rental car and made our way to the Magic Kingdom for one last amazing day of Disney Magic!

We may say this every year, but we really think this was the last time for Disney passes. After 13 years, we just might have had our fill, but time will tell. In any case, we had a great time, and it was absolutely the perfecting ending to our time here in Florida.

Wednesday morning came quickly, and it was finally time for our long haul flight to London. We had a redeye out of MCO, so we leisurely left the hotel, ran a couple of errands, and enjoyed one last gluttonous American meal. We were all feeling a little anxious, as you do when traveling. In fact, one of the reasons I love traveling so much is that it pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone. I always tell myself that one of these days, I will be totally at peace when it comes time for a trip, but something tells me it’s just not in the cards. Honestly, my personality is not really conducive to traveling. I am an over worrier, a control freak, and highly anxious. But again, it’s for these reasons that I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations. I guess I like proving to myself that with a little determination, I can overcome my own craziness.

So after dropping off the car and getting through TSA, we had just about an hour before our departure. I was pretty sure we were ready, although at this point it didn’t really matter we were going! Like I said, this has been a long time coming, and when you plan for a 50-day, 6-country, excursion for a family of four, there’s just a tiny bit of pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly. And at this point, I wasn’t thrilled with my preparedness level. We didn’t even make it through TSA before we had three of the bag straps break. Are you kidding me?!? And this is why we always travel with zip ties, oh wait except for this time, shit! Luckily a nice woman offered us a few feet of twine, so Dad spent the majority of our time reconnecting the straps, HA! You can see we were off to a good start. I guess we’ll see how I did preparing for the rest of the trip.

I am quite proud of these little bags, I mean, if they hold up that is. Because I’m a cheap asshole, which is really the only way you can be when traveling on a budget, I forced everyone into a 10kg bag, and that’s it! You read that right. One bag per person with all of your necessary and, ahem Livs, unnecessary belongings. She’s lucky her brother loves her and travels light, I think a few of Olivia’s items might have spilled over, HA!

Now onto the plane!

After much consideration, I opted for budget airline Norwegian. If you stick to their low-fare option, you can fly pretty darn cheap. We also took the risk of not paying for seats, and to our surprise, we all got seated together, so grateful for that!

The flight was great. Quite honestly one of the best flights I’ve taken and I was really not looking forward to it! But it was comfortable, and the time passed quickly.

We’re in London, baby!

Immigration was a breeze. With a US passport, you head straight for the kiosk, scan your passport, smile for the automated camera, and off you go. Customs was just a room that you breezed through, and I suppose they would stop you if they saw a reason too. That was it, we were free in the airport, and after a quick trip to the loo and a glance outside to remind you that you weren’t at home anymore, it was time to head to the trains. Everything is well marked, so we headed for the platforms. With a little examination of the tickers, we decided that our pre-booked Thameslink train was due to arrive at platform 3. We did confirm with a “travel advisor” because why not, but we were correct in our thinking. Once on the platform, we once again read through the digital signs and determined we were in the correct location. About an hour later, we arrive at St.Pancras Intl. Hopped off the train and made the quick walk to our hotel. They even let us check-in early.

We were all pretty tired, but it was only about 1 pm, so we showered up and hit the city. We grabbed coffee by the University and hit the Wellcome Museum, free and way cool, we saw Napolean’s toothbrush, I mean, who can say that?!? Finally, about 6 pm we hit a Pret A Manger for some budget-friendly premade sandwiches and wraps and headed back to the room. We only made it to 8 pm and we all crashed.

Now it’s 4 am and Dad and I have been up since 1 am. I guess we didn’t do such a great job at whispering because 230 am rolled around and the kids were done sleeping too. So now we will sit and patiently wait for the breakfast buffet to open.

More to come!