London Day 5

With the kiddos busy with school, Dad and I decided to head out for a walk. Before we knew it, we were at the British Museum, another London freebie. We figured the kids wouldn’t be too disappointed, and honestly, I was pretty excited to tour this one.

First, we hit ancient Egypt, and to my surprise on display was the Rosetta Stone, the real Rosetta Stone, how cool is that. Honestly, I thought it was at the Louvre based on my homework, but I was obviously mistaken, how mad would I have been if we went all the way to Paris, and I realized it was back in London, ha! We also toured ancient Greece and Rome, saw some amazing mummies, a wing dedicated to currency, and ended with some modern pieces from England.

Having worked up quite a thirst Hubby and I just happened to pass a pub on the way back to the hotel, and we sampled some traditional English ale and bitter. This whole traveling with older kids, things kinda rocks!

Anyone up for Day 6?

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