London Day 6

Day 6…are you kidding me? I mean, on the one hand, it feels like forever ago since we left Florida, but I can’t believe we leave the day after tomorrow. But nothing can really top today. Our amazing friends from York came down just to hang out with us. We met about 5 years ago at the Magic Kingdom, near a Sorcerers Portal. Our boys hit it off immediately, and then we proceeded to spend the next week together. Sue reminded me yesterday that as we were saying our teary goodbyes in the Animal Kingdom parking lot all those years ago, I told her that I had no doubt we would meet up again. And sure enough, they made London an unforgettable experience.

Our first stop was Kings Cross underground, right by our hotel, to get us set up with some Underground passes. After we got squared away it was time to “mind the gap” and board the train. I can’t tell you how amazingly nice it was to be with people who knew what they were doing.

Our first stop was London Bridge area.

And then Bob had the best idea of all… Let’s hit the pub for some cider!

While at the pub their son, Jack introduced us to foosball. Sue and I hung back to sip our drinks, cider is delicious by the way, and keep chatting. It felt like we could talk for hours. But then the group called us over, and in a shocking display of sportiness, we walked away as undefeated champions! Can you tell we had a good time 🙂

Next up, Greenwich!

Another amazing perk of knowing people while traveling, they actually know where to find good food! We stopped in for a traditional London Pie and Mash! And it was delicious.

Liv’s and I split a cheese and onion pie, so freaking good! We were saving room for the big finale. Crumble and custard…yum!

For this, we each got our own, but wow, this was a lot of food! Everything about it was so good. Hot custard, a delicious crumb topping, and a nice balance of tart and sweet berries and apples. I was so excited to have an authentic off the beaten path experience. Good food, and good company, it just doesn’t get better!

Wait, it got better!

Needing to walk off our meal, we hit the Greenwich market. First stop, a sweet shop. The boys got to try the sourest sweets they’ve ever tried, we even hear about something called the Black Death. Apparently, it’s so sour they won’t even sell it to minors! HA! Another thing I loved at the sweet shop was our very American cereals and pop tarts on the shelf, partly due to cost, very expensive in the UK, but these aren’t treated as breakfast items, literally sold in a candy store. We also had the privilege of watching Liam make fudge. Part comedy show part foodie experience, so


Bob is my kind of tour guide. Before we knew it, we were headed to another unique experience. Who knew you could walk under the Thames!?! To the foot tunnel!

I love these little oddball attractions. Although not really a tourist attraction, just a mode of transit, but I thought it was so neat that we literally walked under the river.

On the other side, we headed back to proper London, and it was off to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden. We hit the M&M’s shop, the Lego Store, and a couple of unique game shops. What an incredible day!

And after a wonderful day, our friends had to make the trek back north. We are so grateful that they got to come down and show us a great day in London. Back at St. Pancras station, we enjoyed a little McDonalds and said our goodbyes. What an incredible day!