Athens Day 1

Athens is just about a 3 hour flight from London so in no time at all we’d be there. I had already arranged “fancy” transport, the whole name on the card thing as you exit customs so we had little to worry about.

So often when we travel I try and find the absolute cheapest way to do something but you have to weigh your comfort level too. Considering we would arrive after dark I figured it was worth the extra $15 Euros to spring for private transport rather than do a bus/walk kinda thing.

So off we went!

Our flight was delayed about an hour but thanks to a sweet tailwind we still made it there pretty much on time.

Their immigration and customs was even faster than England so we were quickly on our way. As soon as we hit the exit there was our driver with his little sign. How easy!

Once at the Airbnb our host met us and gave us the run down. Definitely a local location.

After we got settled we headed out for some food. I had found this place on the map and I was so excited to try it out. There’s nothing better than finding good cheap food near your hotel.

And this place did not disappoint!