Athens Day 2

It’s Valentine’s day in Greece!

We got a bit of a late start. Athens is 2 hours ahead of London. And honestly sometimes travel days are a bit tiring even if you’re not doing much.

In any case we headed for the market. Mostly we just needed some coffee and breakfast items. And definitely some laundry soap.

After we hit the market, only a 5 minute walk from the house, we made a stop at our favorite little wrap shop and powered down some lunch.

Our Airbnb is close to everything so we decided to walk around and see if we could find the Acropolis.

Sure enough we spotted it in the distance within a few minutes.

Once we got across the main road it was clear that we were in the main tourist hub. Burgers and a sports bar were the giveaway.

We didn’t really know what to expect so we just started following signs for the Acropolis and to our surprise you can get some pretty great views without entering the site. We’ll save the real tour for later in the week but for now these views would do just fine.

After admiring the views from Areopagus Hill we continued the loop around the Acropolis which led us to Plaka, the old City. We meandered through the rows and rows of shops and picked up a few trinkets.

Now it was time to head back to the Airbnb and enjoy a little down time.