Athens Day 3

We got a bit of an earlier start today, but I am just not a morning person, ha!

First, I attempted to make coffee with the grounds we purchased but that didn’t go as planned. Traditionally Greek coffee is fine ground and placed directly into the water as far as I know. But considering we had a pot with filters I made it the old fashioned American way but the filter clogged and well you can picture the rest. Plus it tasted terrible. Ah well coffee would just have to wait, ha!

Today we were headed for Monasteraki Square, basically the Athens Flea Market. Another touristy area with shops and restaurants. We were also on the lookout for a tattoo shop for Dad.

We had this idea that he could get the “Everything is Awesome” tattoo in a few different languages on this trip. And then Greece is all about “the eye” pictured above. It brings good luck and they have these eyes everywhere. Funny thing is we have this same eye hanging in our Alaska trailer given to us as a gift by Grammy. So I was definitely excited for him to get some sort of eye as well.

Anyways. Coffee first.

On our way to the square we came across the ruins of Hadrian’s Library. It’s just amazing that everywhere you turn there are ancient buildings that remind you some of the great philosophers once stood here.

After many attempts at coffee and pastry we gave up and switched gears. We opted to find Dad’s shop and start there.

Happy with what he found we all grabbed a burger and then dad hit the chair while the kiddos and I explored Monasteraki.

More of Hadrian’s Library

And finally we found our coffee. It was well worth the wait and so cheap!

Once the kiddos and I finished our coffee it was time to check on Dad and see how his tattoo turned out.

Love it!