Athens Day 6

Today we headed for the Acropolis Museum, adjacent to the hill. We didn’t know that pictures weren’t allowed, so I managed to get one in before we were chastised.

Kind of cool that it’s the owl, the symbol of Athens. In any case, we had a good day. Nothing too remarkable. Well, except for the fact that we learned that a good portion of the statues and such are actually housed at the British Museum. So, I guess I’m glad we got to see it all while we were in London.

After the museum, we found a cute little place in the Plaka and got some pizza. It was quite tasty. I will definitely miss the food here. So cheap, and so yummy!

Then we went for Greek Donuts. Basically, delicious balls of fried dough covered with honey and cinnamon!

After that, we hit the main road and walked by Hadrian’s Arch and Temple of Zeus. Yeah, we’re the cheap bastards who take pictures through the gates. Ah, well, you can’t spend money on everything!

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds. We had plans of taking the tram out to the coast, but there are strikes here in Athens that are preventing train and tram travel, so we will see. Either way, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and I am so grateful we got to come.

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