Athens Day 7

We started off the day not really sure what to do. We thought maybe we’d make it a school day but Liv’s decided she wanted to get out and about for our last day in Athens. We had heard of a tram that left the city centre and traveled down the coast. So that’s what we set out to do.

You see when you’re in a foreign country, especially one that does not share the English alphabet, sometimes it’s a bit more of a process than deciding to do something and getting it done.

First we needed coffee and pastries.

We found a great little bakery up the road earlier in the week so we picked up a few of our favorites.

We sat by Hadrian’s arch and enjoyed the views.

We continued toward Syntagma Square and went underground to see if we could find some info on the tram.

Athens is a very English friendly city, most signs are in Greek, and what they call Gringlish, ha!

Still, it’s kind of a like a scavenger hunt with clues leading you on your our journey.

First we saw an information center but it didn’t seem like anyone in there really wanted to help us. So we walked along and saw signs for the ticket booth.

Ok we’re getting somewhere.

The line was crazy long but we also needed to figure out our bus for the airport so we set up in line and waited patiently.

About 20 minutes in I felt like giving up, as I was not sure this was even the right place to be, but we had come this far so we might as well see it through.

Finally we were next and fortunately the woman spoke English, mostly, better than my Greek that’s for sure!

We got the bus tickets figured out, but the tram was still a bit of a question. So off we went in search of more info.

Back at the information desk we got a couple of questions answered and then we found some kiosks in English. Alright!

We learned that we had to hop on the metro, ride 3 stops, then switch to the tram line.

Even in New York where everything is in English, Metro’s can be kind of hard to navigate.

We wound up on the opposite platform and started to board the underground but luckily we hesitated just long enough and the doors closed and we soon realized we needed to be on the other side.

Easy enough.

We boarded and rode our three stops, found the green line for the tram and waited.

Hooray we were half way there.

It’s so easy to call it quits when you’re traveling. It seems too hard. Too complicated. But if you just stick with it, keep your cool, and keep moving forward. The payoff is usually worth it!

It was about a 30 minute ride all the way down and we decided to get off at Glyfaldas.

So glad we made it to the coast! And actually we were in the Saronic Gulf part of the Mediterranean Sea.

After our adventure we ended at my favorite place in the whole world. The food is just amazing!!!!

Fillarakias can you make that out on the sign? Ha!

It means friends, like best buddies!

Now… Off to Rome!