Rome Day 1

We packed our bags and made the short walk to Syntagma Square, found our bus stop, and grabbed a bite to eat. I finally got my traditional Greek yogurt and it was amazing!After we filled our tummies we hopped on the bus and after a quick ride we made it to the Athens airport.Security was easy and it was a short wait to board our flight. Ryanair is certainly no frills but you can’t beat the price.Only about an an hour and forty-five minute flight from Athens we were now in Roma!I had prearranged a driver so we didn’t have to worry about getting to our Airbnb in the dark so it was a pretty low stress trip.We’ve arrived!After we got settled we headed for the supermarket. Thankfully it was quite a big store so we picked up some goodies and some dinner. The prices weren’t too bad. All this for about $30, we’re certainly not in Greece anymore!After a yummy dinner of pasta and chocolate biscuits for dessert it was time for bed!