Rome Day 3

Not much to report today. Another school day but we did follow it up with an amazing dinner out.

We found a little place by our Airbnb and it’s cheap and fantastic!

I had a traditional carbonara and it was amazing!

And of course we stopped at the market for some treats.

Can you believe we got an entire bottle of prosecco for $2.99!?!

6 thoughts on “Rome Day 3

  • Hows it going over there with the coronavirus outbreak? been thinking of you guys and hope everyone stays healthy and doesnt cause any delays in your travel. Loving all the picture you..I’m planning our trip now..cant wait to go

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    • Not loving the fact that we’re traveling during a health scare but not ready to call it quits yet 🙂 we’re all doing great and washing our hands like crazy! Ha!

      Would love to help you plan a European adventure!

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      • Glad to hear no disruptions yet..As you can probably imagine we are prepared like the plaque is about to come thru…Chris has me so worked up I’m pretty sure Im gonna have a serious mental break down any second.. nobody else seems to even really know anything about it but Chris has been talking about it for the last 6 weeks. Stay safe and keep me updated . Can you send me an email?


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