Rome Day 6

Off to the Vatican.

We hadn’t planned on visiting the Vatican while we were here but the more we thought about it we realized we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

And to be honest it’s one of my favorite things we’ve done.

The museums are incredible. And of course the Sistine Chapel is unreal. We did a bit of homework to ensure we had a greater appreciation. But seriously the size of the collection housed in the museums is unbelievable. And walking into that chapel is, I don’t know, just a surreal feeling.

When we got to the Sistine Chapel we had only been in a couple of minutes and a priest came out to bless everyone and asked us to join him in prayer. Wether you’re God friendly or whatever that was one of the coolest moments of my life. I’ll never forget that. And in that moment I was totally thinking of my Grams, she definitely was “with us”.

Anyways enough mushy stuff 🙂

No pictures really. It feels a bit odd to take pics sometimes and there are no pictures allowed in many of the rooms.

We did get a picture of the Basilica. We didn’t go inside as the line was quite long. But overall Vatican City is definitely worth visiting.