Rome Day 7

After our busy couple of days, and I hate to say it, a panicked moment about health around the world, we opted for a home day on our last day in Rome.

We’ve tried hard not to get too caught up with the virus shenanigans but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. But really unless we’re going to call it quits and head back to Alaska we can’t let the fear of getting sick dictate the trip. I think we’re really more concerned with travel restrictions and logistics of what it would look like if we got sick.

And I was having a bit of travel meltdown. Believe it or not as amazing as this looks on the blog it takes a lot of effort to put it all together. And we forget sometimes that this isn’t exactly vacation but traveling to gain experience. Sometimes I suffer from option overload and I hate not knowing everything. I plan all the things, but it’s just impossible to plan for everything or remember all the things I’ve read about.

But I digress. For now we’re taking it one day at a time!

So for our last day in Roma we opted for market frozen pizza and jugs of wine.

Who knew you could even buy frozen pizza in Italy! Ha!