Pompeii Day 2

We climbed Mt.Vesuvius!

So this has kind of been a dream since I was in Junior High. I’ve always wanted to visit this area of Italy.

Vesuvius was the volcano that erupted around 79 A.D. that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Today it is still considered an active volcano.

And from these pics you can see our hike. We drove our car quite a ways up the mountain and parked along a road where the shuttle bus comes as this is as far as you’re allowed to go.

The shuttle bus took us about 2 miles and dropped us off about 5 minutes from the entrance.

Obviously special people got to drive their car farther. Some even got chauffered to the top. Which is crazy because the path isn’t very car friendly.

The trek up the volcano is seriously steep but only takes about 30 minutes to reach the crater.

Almost there!

Finally we reached the top!

After our volcano tour we wanted to head south and cruise the infamous Amalfi Coast. Too cold of course to do any beach time but the views were incredible.

And if you look really hard you can see Sicily way out there.

Dad did a super great job driving. I mean this road is crazy. Between the narrow roads. The busses. And the steep cliffs. This trip definitely took years off my life. Ha!