Pompeii Day 3

So today was our visit to Herculaneum.

We’ve all heard of Pompeii of course, but Herculaneum lies at the foot of Vesuvius just NW of Pompeii.

Herculaneum is far better preserved than Pompeii and gives a much clearer picture into the lives of the over 4000 people who inhabited the town before that fateful day in 79 A.D.

The thick layer of ash that blanketed the town also protected it against looting and the elements. Unlike Pompeii, the mainly pyroclastic material that covered Herculaneum preserved more wood in objects such as roofs, beds, and doors, as well as other organic-based materials such as food.

It is much smaller than Pompeii and only bout 10% is uncovered today.

I think we forget how much color was used because typically when we tour ruins all the colors have been lost. But the ruins of Herculaneum give us a great view of original flooring as well as frescoes.

It was definitely an eye opening experience especially down in the boat yard.

The Grounds

The Art

The Boatyard

The Structures

The Museum

After our tour we had worked up quite the appetite so it was off to McDonald’s! This whole siesta thing really messes us up, ha!

Coolest McD ever though. Who doesn’t want this coffee/bakery at every location in the states?!?