Pompeii Day 5

Seriously. 5 days in a row and we’ve managed to get out and about. This must be a record!

They say what sets Herculaneum apart from Pompeii is the preservation. And perhaps from an archaeologists perspective that’s the case. But honestly I was a little more impressed with Pompeii. At the very least I think they’re on the same level.

That said it is true that Pompeii is a much larger site. But to be honest at the end of the day, unless you have an archaeologist guiding you with fun stories, once you’ve seen one shop or house or bath they all kind of blur together.

And when we did have our guide for Rome, she definitely made me realize that much of the information these guides share is completely hypothetical. It seems so easy to believe this fountain was named after that God and this Emperor enjoyed bathing at this pool, and so on. That’s not to say that there’s not information left behind that’s reliable. But I think archaeologists take a lot of liberty when they’re retelling the past.

In any case we opted not to hire a guide, and just enjoyed the sites on our own.

We’ve watched a lot of documentaries and such to prepare and anything we can’t answer on-site we quickly look up when we get back to the internet.

On with the tour!

The Grounds

The Casts

The Art

The Artifacts