Morocco Day 1

Ciao Italia. It’s been real!

Wow. This whole corona virus thing has take over the entire globe. I have to admit I was quite anxious about getting out of Italy. We’ve been checking travel advisories and continuing to ensure that Morocco would still take us in.

Definitely had some butterflies today!

We made the short drive from Pompeii to Naples airport and dropped off the rental car, unscathed. Whew!

Next we had to head to the Ryanair desk and inquire about an ominous email I received. Turns out it was absolutely nothing but thank you for taking up an hour of my day airline!

Next we headed to our gate, grabbed some rather delicious airport food, seriously it was so good! And waited to board our flight, hopefully out of Italy 🙂

People were on high alert that’s for sure. And it didn’t get any better once we landed.

But I appreciate the diligence with the health questionnaires, temperature scanning, and health checkpoints.

We were prepared for long waits upon arrival in Marrakesh so we were all good. But I definitely felt a sigh of relief after passing our health screen and getting through immigration.

Hooray. We actually made it! Africa here we come!

Our guide was waiting for us at the exit and we began our walk to the riad.

Wow. We certainly weren’t in Kansas anymore. It was kind of surreal. In such an awesome way.

Everyone was so friendly. Smiling. And as we were walking into the main square the prayer came over the speaker. It was just so special!

We checked into our room and headed out in search of food.

We found something totally delicious. And we got 4 of them for $1.20. This is my kinda of place!

They’re kind of like a crepe, tortilla, flat bread, cheesey, spice thing. Whatever it is they’re fantastic!

Back at the room. We needed to head off to bed. We were headed to the desert at 6:45 the next morning.

Off to the Sahara we go!