Pompeii Days 6 and 7

This is going to be a short one folks!

We got tired and maybe a little virus phobic and opted to sit at the Airbnb for the remainder of our stay.

We accomplished all of our goals Except eating at a particular pizzeria in Naples, which would have required public transit. And to be honest we had gone the whole stay with the rental car with no need to hop on a crowded metro, and pizza just wasn’t worth it.

So we hit the market and stocked up on groceries. Plus we got to save some money. It’s a win!

We did however need to do laundry and for the amazing low price of 5 Euros we dropped off our giant bag and picked it up the next day all folded and ready to go. Seriously our clothes have never been this clean!

Good thing because we’re about to hit the Sahara!

Africa here we come 🙂