Morocco Day 2

Our guides picked us up bright and early in a fancy shuttle bus. It was only 6:45 am and I was already impressed.

We drove around scooping up passengers here and there and we were ready to roll.

First stop High Atlas.

Traditional Moroccan Village

Bus fun!

Our first Tagine on our lunch stop. It was pretty delicious!

After lunch we got hooked up with a local tour guide and he showed us around Ben Ait Haddou.

It is one of the original Kasbahs in Morocco and they’ve used the site to film many movies.

A Kasbah is essentially a castle or palace. And to be considered a Kasbah it must have “the four towers”.

We also learned that a traditional home is made of three ingredients. Water, hay, and dirt. The roof consists of palm leaves, and wood or bamboo. It’s amazing that these houses are so durable. And it gives you a lot of insight to how little rain this area receives because obviously the homes wouldn’t fair very well.

We wanted to get geared up for the desert so our guide brought us to the official Saharan scarf shop.

The tour was going great. So much more than I expected. Before arriving at the hotel for the night we stopped at an awesome lookout.

Happy to be off the bus we got settled into our room before dinner. We had to be up by 6 am for breakfast to continue our trek into the Sahara.

By the end of our day we had seen and done so much. The country is absolutely beautiful. And the people are so gracious and friendly.

Maybe it’s just the tour talking. I absolutely love having someone else figuring it all out. I know most people wouldn’t consider this luxury travel but I’m hooked. This is about as fancy as we get but I couldn’t be happier with our adventure so far!