Morocco Day 4

After a quick rest we were up and at it again. A wonderful breakfast and back on the camels. Just in time for sunrise.

Back to the bus our adventure had come to a close. And now it was time for the long drive back to Marrakesh.

I am so grateful that we had this experience. Can’t even believe I considered not doing it. Even though we’ll be feeling that camel ride for days, seriously how did they cross the Sahara on those things? Ha! It was such a cool tour and has definitely opened me up to doing more tours. I seriously felt like I was living the life of luxury!

After several stops and a few mint teas we arrived back in Marrakesh.

Our driver hooked us up with Amin who graciously took our bags and walked us to our riad. We were staying at the heart of the Medina, the old City, it’s seriously like a maze in here.

After he dropped us off and asked for Liv’s hand in marriage, we were wiped out. Showers all around and straight to bed.