France Road Trip Day 2

Needless to say, it was less than a restful night’s sleep. I know we’re adults and all, but how in the world are you supposed to know what to do in this situation?

You don’t want to be foolish and take things too lightly, but at the same time you want to be vigilant in staying calm, cool, and collected in a state of chaos.

When we went to bed all I kept thinking was that this couldn’t possibly pertain to US nationals, at least not to the degree that was presented in the President’s speech. Could it?

We again conferred as we tried to drift off to sleep that between the flights we were just looking at and the questionable information we had we would sleep on it and tackle the day with a clear head.

We awoke early and immediately hit our phones for news, and of course lots of messages from friends and family. It turns out that the ban didn’t totally apply to US citizens. We learned that we wouldn’t be turned away but we would face a higher level of health screens at dedicated airports and possibly a quarantine if we came in after the deadline. As they said, more to come on this in the next 48 hours.

At this point, the flights were outrageous. Anything that would get us there before the hypothetical deadline was going to cost us at least $1700 per ticket. And anything affordable like $500 or less would require a minimum of a 37-hour flight on top of the 8-hour drive to the airport, so nowhere close to meeting the midnight curfew. And who knew at this point if Friday at midnight meant boarding the plane, arriving, in the air? Who knows?

I hid under the covers briefly but Hubby and I talked it through.

We were going to keep on keeping on. That’s typically what the Cunninghams do!

We figured that we would let all the chaos shake out and go from there. We had a great little place in the Pyrenees all booked and selfishly we have stuck it out for the payoff of Disneyland Paris. Either way, we felt like driving 8 hours to Paris and trying to figure out flights with the masses was probably not for us.

We packed up and headed for the mountains and honestly with every passing moment I felt a little more confident in our decision. I mean who knows if we have put ourselves at a major disadvantage but at the time it felt right.
As the day has worn on, and we’ve seen more and more information come about I feel absolutely content with our decision to stay. The airport in Barcelona looked like a madhouse, and CDG was even worse. We’ve read stories about 5k-20k flights, and based on the wait times at the airport, and the insane crowds of people in the videos, I am way ok with taking refuge at our little Airbnb in the hills.

What exactly are they going to do with all those Americans who show up just after midnight? I’m not sure, and I don’t exactly know that “they’re” sure either.

We’ll pay our dues when the time comes, but I would rather sit and wait, content in my little French bubble with wine and cheese, and wait for the chaos to die down.

Until then… As you know, it’s always an adventure!

Anyone see the hidden mickey? We obviously took it as a sign!


3 thoughts on “France Road Trip Day 2

  • Gosh I am keeping up with your trip and worried about you guys! I’m sure now you’re here in our lovely UK you will be fine, we are not yet on lockdown, so you should be able to find food in supermarkets. Restaurants and pubs etc are probably closed in London, we have been asked to not socialise. Don’t worry about hand sanitizer, just keep washing your hands, it’s actually better! So glad you got to see the Eiffel Tower! bless you all, keep posting and I’m sure you will be home safe soon xxxx


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