We’re back, Alaska!

As you can see, Alaska is still quite snowy. Although we’ve had quite a bit of melt over the last few days. It always surprises me how fast it goes once it gets started. We still have a ways to go but because of the wonky way of the world right now, I don’t think anyone is in a hurry.

Hubby has been picking away at the campgrounds, but then he was met with this wet mess a few days ago…

The water has since subsided, but it’s crazy to see the campsites underwater. We’ve never had it happen this late in the season, perhaps the new and improved culverts DOT dug for us last year have had a mind of their own!

In any case, we are working towards our summer plans. Fortunately, we are one of the lucky few who still have jobs. I couldn’t be more grateful! Getting through our 14 days of quarantine was pretty easy. Alaska’s different. Quarantine for us is just another wintery day up here. Other than not being able to pop into the store for a gallon of milk, life under quarantine went fairly unnoticed.

The state is starting to open up a bit. As of yesterday, we entered phase 1 of our 5 phase plan of reopening Alaska. Because of the various businesses we work with, I’ve had to read the mandates thoroughly, and oh my, when you actually dig into reading these things in their entirety, it becomes quite evident what a weird wide world we live in right now.

But so goes. We are all anxious to see what our season will shake out like. In the meantime, Liv’s has gotten back behind the wheel, and we made our regular trip to the end of the spit to get a view of the mountains and such.

It’s still quite chilly outside, we’ve just barely started hitting the 40’s which makes me long for our warm sunny Florida days…

We did catch a glimpse of this Cruise America as we headed home from Kenai. It did make me wonder where they might have picked up the camper, but perhaps RV rentals will see a surge in popularity this season. For now, we’ll just plug away as usual and wait for the crowds to dictate our season.

Ok, we have to do a couple of weeks of fast forward here… It’s taken me quite a while to finalize this post!

It’s now starting to feel like summer in Alaska! It’s still pretty freaking cold outside ,but at least the snow is gone ,and the sun is shining. It’s been a bit of a mess getting the campgrounds going this year due to this whole health woes thing. But so goes. Still, first world problems considering what the rest of the globe is faced with typically. We finally got moved to our summer spot. Pretty great!

And because of a wonky summer, Liv’s will most likely be spending her days here as the new RV park camp host!

We’ve been hard at work getting the office ready and she’s very excited to welcome the first guests. Pretty awesome view from her office though, right?!?

It will be an interesting summer for us all…

One thought on “We’re back, Alaska!

  • Hi you guys, so glad you are home safe! what a trip you had, I loved every moment of it ! can’t wait until you do another one! great pictures and hope the water is soon gone xx


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