Where did the summer go?

How is it already September?!? Although I couldn’t be happier!

Seems like just yesterday we were still trying to figure out how we were going to manage this weird, wild summer! But we made it through, just like we always do, even with our minimal staff, i.e., just Hubby and me. The parks were a lot busier than anticipated. Of course, occupancy was down, but wow, these Alaskans came out in huge numbers. Historically our parks don’t reach capacity except for a few random occasions, but our two most popular parks reached capacity on multiple weekends. Definitely a swing to the “weekend warrior” crowd this year sprinkled with plenty of newbie RV’ers. Unfortunately, I think we had a record year for vandalism and just general entitled assholes. What does that say, I wonder? Yes, it was evident that people were on edge this season. But all you can do is smile and nod and then completely rip them apart in the privacy of your own cardboard walls!

Liv did a great job managing the RV park. I know we asked a lot of our 15-year-old, and at times perhaps too much, but I suppose she’ll be a better person because of it. She has officially committed the next 2 seasons to the park, and then I guess she leaves me?! Yikes! All in all, I think she enjoyed her summer. Not only did she prove she could manage an RV park, but she also rocked an “A” in her first college course.

Instead of camp, this season, Ryder has been filling his time with school, LARP, and sleepovers. It’s fair to say he’s had one of his best summers up here yet, although camp is pretty hard to beat, hopefully, next year! He’s officially a Freshman, and he’s off to a better start than I ever could have imagined. I don’t know why I was so worried, but that’s all in the past, and he has really proven himself in these short few weeks.

I don’t know how we got so lucky to have these 2 amazing kiddos, but I say it’s a win!

Hubby and I will start closing down the bathrooms and preparing the gates for lockdown. It is an exciting time. Kind of fun to experience closure from season to season. Definitely, a job well done this year. Perhaps the parks aren’t as “kempt” as they typically are, but there’s no doubt that we did our best and kept this place afloat!

Per usual we are headed south for the long winter ahead. It was an interesting time to weigh our travel/adventure options this year. We opted to keep it low key, I suppose we took a few measures to “play it safe” and if the opportunity comes along to get out of the states for a bit I have no doubt we’ll take it. For now, though we’ll focus on a little down time before the tree farm. I see nails, hair, massages, and good food in our future! And the kiddos want to try Universal, so I think we’ll scoop up passes for them. With all the deals right now it’s hard to pass up. Dad and I haven’t decided if we’ll get passes too. The kiddos are going to scope it out and see if it’s a good fit. As we all know I’m not a theme park person necessarily, I am a Disney person! But, with everything going on, I have ZERO desire to do Disney right now, except for the water parks, which we hope open soon. Time will tell. It sure is a weird wide world we live in.

But, when you think about it, most of us have the ability to create our own little bubble of comfort, and compared to the horrendous things that go on day after day for much of the world, we still have it pretty easy!

For now, we’ll keep the kiddos focused on school and continue to tie up loose ends. Soon enough, wheels up!

One thought on “Where did the summer go?

  • Hi! So good to hear your news again! sounds like a great summer despite everything! We are all good here, except a local lockdown has just come into effect banning households from mixing, hope it doesn’t last too long! at least they haven’t shut the restaurants (yet!!) anyhow, lovely to read you again and hope yo all keep safe and well, love Lilly xxxx


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