Oh Christmas Tree!

Our tree farm experience was quite the whirlwind. In these “unprecedented times,” it was hard to know exactly what the tree buying season would hold. I think we were hopeful for a busy season, but there was still a bit of uncertainty. It was made very clear within 48 hours of our arrival that trees were going to sell and sell fast!

It may have been a slow start for us to get set up, but once we did, whoa, we were slinging trees like crazy!

We were definitely more comfortable this time around, although this was a new lot for us. And we love our new location. It flows better. The people are great. The setup was awesome! Everything about it was just perfect!

Black Friday, our biggest weekend of the season, flew by! Little did we know we would only have one more major weekend, and then, poof, our tree supply would come to an end! Talk about a short season!

And flock was extremely popular this year! Nothing like a winter wonderland in South Florida!

And of course, these little guys are always fun to see cruising around!

And just about 4 weeks to the day, we were all wrapped up! I still can’t believe we’re all done! We wound up selling every single tree. Crazy to think that we went through hundreds of trees!

And believe it or not, during our last few nights at the lot, it got so cold that Hubby and I huddled around the space heater!

And now, after a very successful season, we are back north in Orlando! So happy we opted to purchase a seasonal site. It was so nice knowing we had a place for the rig, and this definitely feels like “home”! We’ve already hit the hot tub a couple of times, stocked the fridge and freezers full of food, and of course, Liv’s and I have tended to our horrible sap infested nails! Doesn’t get any better than this. Now we lounge, and enjoy, and see what our big adventure brings! Christmas, here we come!

One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree!

  • Merry Christmas RV Family! great pictures, looks so nice, would love to have visited! My hubby is watching the Golf live on cable from Naples Fl, weather looks fab! Enjoy your time there and have a very happy and healthy New Year! Love Lilly xxx


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