Christmas 2020!

What a wonderful Christmas! Maybe one of our best yet! After a very restful break from trees, the big day finally came.

Dad and I woke up early. That seems to happen as the kiddos get older. It’s often Dad and me kind of hanging out waiting for them, ha! We hit our DIY photo booth and got ready for the excitement!

Amazingly, Ryder was up and ready to go by 9 am. This was impressive!

And, of course, Olivia was ready to go looking as beautiful as ever!

We were all set! Christmas shirts, check! Christmas hats, check! Time to open some presents!

All in all, we had such a great day!

And while 2020 may have been a little bonkers, Christmas Day 2020 was one of my best days ever!


One thought on “Christmas 2020!

  • Happy New Year Nina and Family! looks like you had a fantastic time! Quiet one here, under a 3rd lockdown! fed up of this now! vaccines starting to get done, so hopefully things will get better. Best wishes and a wonderful 2021 to you all, Love Lilly xxxx


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