Alaska – Season 8 If Anyone’s Counting!

Can you believe we’ve been doing Alaska for 8 seasons! Wow!

And thank goodness we decided to come back a month later this year! The flooding, the cold, the snow. There is no stinking way we would have been able to get the RV moved and start being productive. I’m definitely on board with this new schedule!

And now, as I write this, it’s green, and we’ve already made it through the 4th of July! Incredible. It has seriously been an awesome summer. A little rough going at first, it always takes a couple of months to settle in, but I feel like, by far, this has been my best summer. Ryder’s doing the camp thing, Liv’s is still running the RV park, Hubby is campground extraordinaire, and I’m just pushing the papers from my little square of the RV, just as life should be!

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