Viva Las Vegas!!

And now back to the states…

So to mix things up a bit we decided to head to the west coast for a bit before our long Alaskan summer began!

And what better place to spend a little time… Vegas Baby! Although “Vegas Baby” was a little less “whoo hoo”, and a lot more, “do you remember Vegas being like this?” It’s really kind of funny because The Strip is like an icon. But I think you finally get to an age where you crave the simpler times of Vegas. Give me a locals casino, some cheap bingo, and machines that are actually pennies!

I was so excited to hang with  Grammy, “Hey look there’s Vegas”, and my awesome friends! I had a great time in Vegas, once we got OFF the strip 🙂

Although there is something about the lights, the buildings, the neverending dings of the machines, I could totally see myself here!

And surprisingly we’ve never been to the Hoover Dam, crazy right! Well, after saying goodbye to Grammy we picked up our hot Jeep and headed for the dam. It was actually pretty cool! And so was Liv’s favorite car!

And Liv’s will probably kill me for putting these up, but hey, you gotta go sometime, and I think you’ll agree, these are pretty priceless.

I don’t even think they need an explanation, because hey it’s Vegas!

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